FRAG Pro Shooter

FRAG is a free PvP legend game. Pick your legend, make your group, enter the field and begin the battle. Find FRAG, the FPS and TPS fight game by Oh BiBi!

Play hazardous 1v1 duels against players overall in this FPS and TPS game intended for your telephone. If you lean toward social games, sit back and relax; we have a 2vs2 internet-based group game choice.

PvP mode loaded up with legendary fights:

  • Join players from everywhere in the world who love fight games
  • Meet different players for short and insane web-based PvP fights
  • Control your personality in first individual (FPS) or third individual (TPS) games see
  • Find the new 2v2 group mode! Help out one of your companions or an irregular player to overcome the rival group
  • 100+ extraordinary weapons: attempt them all

Customize your interactivity for 1v1 matches:

  • Switch between your 5 characters and gain the benefit
  • Pick your procedure and lead your group to the triumph
  • It isn’t simply awful: restore quickly with one more person and begin once again to Be dead
  • Your fight group, your style: assault, safeguard, and so forth.
  • Adjust the weapon to the guide and to your ongoing interaction

Make your own FRAG group:

  • 100+ legends for your fantasy group
  • Redo the skins and the ability to make your legend unquestionably the hero
  • Play disconnected or online in the battle games
  • Multiplayer isn’t a fantasy any longer, in the event that you can play on the web, you can play with others
  • 5 legends imply 5 weapons, track down the right harmony between all


  • Each character has its assets and shortcomings: attempt them all to see which ones are best for you!
  • Both disconnected and online the legends have similar abilities!
  • Assault the foe focus to get loads of focus, however, be careful with ambushes!
  • Actually, look at your missions for one-of-a-kind prizes!

New month, new legend, new meta:

  • The same group can’t win for eternity
  • Nerf and buff specially crafted month to month to guarantee an invigorating meta

In the event that you need to fire disconnected, you can definitely relax, Frag allows you to fire disconnected also!

FRAG has everything game necessities: FPS and TPS choices, auto fire, and every one of the controls is customizable to fit your playing style!

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