Solitaire Super Pack

Unwind and partake in the entirety of your number one solitaire games and the best elements across the board extraordinary application! Our staggering new liveliness will please and engage as you play. Dazzling foundations and custom card backs let you make the ideal mood to relish your merited break in the day. Download now and play 270+ games for FREE!

The Solitaire Super Pack has a broad choice of free exemplary games on Android. The most often played adaptation is called Klondike, however, you might know it as Patience or Windows Solitaire. Have you played Klondike with 2 decks? Presently you can! Single deck, twofold deck, draw 1 or draw 3, Vegas scoring, in addition to a lot more varieties – think that they are under the “Klondike” class!

We additionally have all the generally played solitaire games like FreeCell, Golf, Spider, Three Towers, Canfield, TriPeaks, Clock, and Pyramid. Furthermore, you can find uncommon and strange games like Poker Square, Bowling, King’s Corner, Three Shuffles and a Draw, Picture Gallery, Accordion, and some more. These are the top picks our clients mentioned in light of the fact that they can’t be found elsewhere!


♣ North of 120 incredible solitaire games
♥ Instinctive Auto Play and One-Tap make game play smooth and simple
♠ Design advanced for all cell phones so the cards you utilize most are not difficult to reach
♥ Commend your dominates with our special Match Stats and drawing in outlines
♣ Cool Stats like Fewest Winning Moves and Longest Win Streak
♦ Intuitive firecrackers when you win
♣ Energized in-game Instructions and Hints
♠ Expandable heaps
♥ Truly Customizable

Well-known Games:

♥ Accordion
♣ Experts Up
♦ Algerian
♠ Alhambra
♥ Rotations
♣ Noble
♦ Overwhelmed Castle
♠ Bowling
♥ Box Kite
♣ Bristol
♦ Computation
♠ Canfield – Demon
♥ Club Klondike 1
♣ Coffin
♦ Chinese
♠ Clock
♥ Colorado
♣ Crown
♦ Savage
♠ Ambassador
♥ Twofold Canfield
♣ Twofold Klondike
♦ Easthaven Easy
♠ Eight Off
♥ Eliminator
♣ Blossom Garden
♠ Free Cell
♥ Holes
♣ Golf
♦ Opening In One – Easy Golf
♠ Josephine
♥ Lords Corner
♣ Klondike (Classic Draw-3)
♦ Klondike One (Draw-1, 1 pass through the deck)
♠ Klondike 1 Unlimited (Draw-1, limitless passes)
♥ La Belle Lucie
♣ Miss Milligan
♦ Montana – Addiction
♠ Monte Carlo
♥ Assimilation – Treasure Trove
♣ Look
♦ Penguin Easy
♠ Picture Gallery
♥ Poker Square
♣ Pyramid
♦ Russian
♠ Scorpion
♥ Seahaven Towers
♣ Shamrocks
♦ Insect (4 Suits)
♠ Insect 1 Suit
♥ Insect 2 Suits
♣ Spiderette
♦ King
♠ Dark-striped Cat
♥ Take 2
♣ Patio – Queen of Italy
♦ Three Towers
♠ Trefoil
♥ Tri Peaks
♣ Disappearing Cross – Four Seasons
♦ Wasp
♠ Whitehead
♥ Windmill
♣ Yukon
♥ + Some more!

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